My Best of 2016; Pure 35mm FILM

Hello Everyone! Welcome to 2017 ! This blog post is my personal tradition. (Since 2012) I gather up some of my favorite pure 35mm film images shot from the year. They aren’t perfect, but they are special and meaningful in some sort of way. This year was a quiet one. However, some personal parameters were… Continue Reading

My budding little photog – part 3

ahhh! My 11-year-old-amazing daughter Jasmine! Her blooming talent in photography blows me away. She is having a fun summer of cousins, sunshine and lazy days… She wanted to do a “photo shoot of baby Jas”. I gave her my Canon Mark 2 and my new awesome Canon 24-70 4.0 L lens. They walked around the… Continue Reading

Just point and shoot – Part 9

Hello Everyone ! I hope you are all having an epic summer thus far ! I have been streamlining my massive camera/film collection lately, and I have acquired a couple new point and shoot cameras, and I have scored some expired 35mm film rolls….. So! Of course, I took my new scores to work with… Continue Reading

Captain Swani’s Retirement Flight

WELCOME ABOARD! Fasten your seatbelts Ladies and Gentlemen! I was given the most amazing opportunity to photograph one of Alaska Airlines’ most beloved pilot’s final flight, before taking his official retirement ….. Captain Michel Swanigan. If we had a “Hall of Fame” at work —  Captain “Swani” would be at the TOP ! He is… Continue Reading

Baby Maxwell, six days new

ahh…. my friends’ Kat + Adam’s beautiful baby Maxwell is here ! he was just SIX DAYS OLD when I was honored to shoot these photos… thank you so much for venturing out and making this happen so soon after his birth – babies change literally overnight… I am so grateful to have captured these… Continue Reading

Khloe turns 2; at the Zoo

I had the most sincere pleasure of photographing this adorable family again, exactly one year later ! Khloe turned 2, and her family was so creative – we did her photo shoot at the Zoo! With her beautiful sisters’ Ava and Amber, we all had a blast – it was amazing to see Khloe light… Continue Reading